We build a turnkey life concept

Smart House Container is an “eco chic homes”, normalized, pre-approved and quick to implement in the most of lands.

Smart House Container incorpor the most advanced policies and ecological best practices among environmentally friendly materials and technologies.



For whom we manufacture “Smart House Containers”?

1 – for those who need a modular and fast construction house, with quality and costs controlled to be implemented in the most of lands.

2 – for those who pretend a second house, quickly and without concerns and spending time in: construction control, licensing, architectural projects, contracting specialties, among other problems and bureaucracies.

3 – for those who want living in an eco-sustainable house, quick implementation, low cost and lowest environmental impact.

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You don't have to worry about...

Turnkey Services

ALL-IN-ONE Services


The House?
Just choose your dream!

Choose the SHC Ready Done of your dream. The model, the decoration style and getting your quote in less than 48h.


The Land?
Don't have? We treat!

Already know the "SHC Ready Done" of your dream. But don't have yet the land? No stress. Tell us the location you like, or choose the options that we have available. We worry about of take care your wellness.


The Infrastructure?
Already incorporated!

Water, gas, electricity, sanitation and telecommunications infrastructures of SHC Ready Done, are already come installed from factory. But if your land doesn't have access to that public infrastructures, don't worry. The SHC Ready Done have a standalone solutions as an alternative to water, sanitation, and electricity public infrastructures.


The Licensing?
Just sign the paperwork!

The SHC Ready Done, because they are pre-fabricated houses, has the necessary licenses, architecture and specialities projects already pré-approved for their habitability. Just need the specific licence of implementing the SC Ready Done on the land that you want. Once more... don't worry. We take care of that. Note: Implementing, not constructing.

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The localization?

Wherever you want!

More than a house. A new living concept with environmental care.

12 Different Decors, just for your pleasure.

Discover the 12 different Decor Styles that can be setup from factory, just for your SHC Ready Done.

  • 01 – Victorian
  • 02 – Vintage
  • 03 – Rustic
  • 04 – Tropical
  • 05 – Maritime
  • 06 – Nordic
  • 07 – Country
  • 08 – Minimalist
  • 09 – Avant-garde
  • 10 – Contemporary
  • 11 – Industrial
  • 12 – Classic

Other custom designs and settings, available under specific quotation.

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Smart House Container - Universal Accessibility

All SHC Ready Done are manufacturing attending the universal accessibility roles. 

With wide and level entry doors, corridors, accessible showers and all kind of concerns that make more easy the life of every one.

Just think. Simply things that can be used for all.




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If you don’t find the answers of your questions directly on our site, please ask for our help. We are available 7 days a week and you have your answer within 24 hours.

Headquarters and North Branch

Vila do Conde – Portugal

(+351) 93 405 11 33

South Branch

Tavira – Portugal

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Photos, images and house plans are not property from Smart House Container.

Smart House Container recognizes the copyright legitimacy of the videos, images, photos and floor plans displayed on its website.

The originals and their sources, are originate from the research work looking for modular solutions, that could show the huge possibilities and options that can be the “SHC Ready Done”.

The Smart House Container reserves the right not reproduce in part or full as shown there photos, in respect to there author rights.

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